THE MOST UNIQUE CAMPER AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD is now available in Australia through Camplet Australia. Camplet has grown to be the most advanced manufacturer in Europe today with the new "Off the bitumen" Savanne model. The new Savanne comes standard with 13" wheels, Roof rack with cage for extra storage while travelling and a spare 13" wheel. Also included is a floor and full insulation to protect you from the cold and heat.

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From small to large diesels, there is a "FuelMate" model to suit your vehicle including Trucks, Marine and Earth Moving.

The first Camp-let was built in Arnum - Central Denmark in 1968. These were built of plywood and steel with a standard heavy canvas - weighing 190kg and was considered light weight hence the name - Camp-let which means Camp-Easy in Danish

Many models were built in the proceeding years and now we have the Ultimate in camping trailers with the 'Concorde' Model, and being twice the size of the original making it a family camper weighing in at just 22Okg. Made of heavy-duty impact strength fibreglass. A solid 'A frame fully galvanised chassis with a 320-gram per square metre woven cotton treated canvas made by Europe's leading canvas maker in Holland.

The 'Concorde comes with standard high-speed 10" radial tyres, independent suspension. which is almost indestructible and will give many years of trouble free travel.

The interior of course very important. it is equipped with two double bedrooms, one being a Queen size bed, which folds down into a double lounge. Both bedrooms are fully insulated on all six sides with full ventilation across the rear of both rooms.

The kitchen has a stainless steel double burner stove, which if not lit within seven seconds will automatically cut the gas off, a neat little pantry is housed underneath the stove with a sink having running water operated by an electronic top, underneath the sink is plenty of room for storage of crockery and cutlery etc.


Between the bedrooms is a wardrobe rail having enough space to hang your daily needs of clothing. In front of the bedrooms is a pelmet with pockets (optional) to house smalls/tissues etc

To store your cases when camping - there is a special pocket built into the draught excluder that can hold three bags and when travelling there is plenty of space on top of the right hand bed for a table and chairs suit cases etc. -this saves trips backwards and forwards to the car. Also for extra items a roof rack is standard on the Concorde.

With all this brilliance, built in to such a small and lightweight camper. How hard is it to erect - with practice it should take 10- 15 minutes maximum to erect as there are no poles or ropes which takes the hassles out of erections. A floor can be supplied (optional).

There are many optional accessories - view these on the following pages - and for further information and a colour brochure, price list etc. contact us through the our contact page, email us or simply phone.

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